General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This Act is to protect the privacy of individuals (you) by preventing the misuse or unauthorised use of personal data (your information) that is held by others (Beach Cottage). The Act achieves this by:

  • regulating the use of personal data held by Beach Cottage; and
  • giving rights to you

Beach Cottage holds your information for the purpose of accounts and financial records (invoicing) and direct communication relating to your booking.

We ensure:

  • that we only hold the data that is necessary (your contact details).  [We do not hold any sensitive financial information about you as you pay us through bank transfer.]
  • that we only keep the personal information as long as it is necessary to do the invoicing/booking.
  • we do not disclose the information to any third party.

We do this to protect your privacy and to prevent the misuse or unauthorised use of your information.  This includes using the appropriate technical and organisational measures (password protected, on a private computer) so that  unauthorised or unlawful processing is prevented.

You will always retain a:

  • Right of access: to know what information we are holding and why we are holding it.  Please apply for this in writing, confirming that you are the owner of the personal information and we will respond within 40 days.
  • Right to prevent processing likely to cause damage or distress:  we will remove your information if it is causing or likely to cause substantial damage or distress to you or another.
  • Right to compensation: if you suffer damage or distress as a result of a contravention of this Act you are entitled to seek compensation if it is found that we did not take reasonable care to comply.

Please note that we are required by law to keep financial records for seven years, which means that we will maintain a record of any financial transactions undertaken by you for a period of seven years.

Our GDPR Manager is Stewart Rippon.  You can contact him by email or by phone 07474 318837