House File


Beach Road, Mundesley, NR11 8BG

Welcome to Beach Cottage.  The A-Z information in this file is to help you feel more at home.  We hope it tells you how you can make the most of your stay here.


Instructions for all appliances are kept on the shelf in the Utility Room.   


Please feel free to use our barbeque, which you will find on the patio.  Although it’s old, it’s perfect for us because it’s made of aluminium (which means it won’t rust).  If you do use it, please ensure you leave it clean for the next guests.  The alternative is to use a disposable barbeque.  Please put this on the grill of our barbeque (not on the tables).    


If you need a change of linen, please let us know so we can give you the combination to the airing cupboard.  An extra duvet is kept in the Parachute Basket in the Dining Room.  If you do use extra bedding, please ensure it is washed, dried, ironed and returned to the airing cupboard before you leave.  Please note there is some Vanish stain remover in the plastic drawers (under worktop, near airing cupboard in kitchen) if you need it. 


Although we will check this before you arrive, if you find the boiler has gone out, please follow the instructions on the flap, which opens out just below the pilot light window.  If this does not work (after a few attempts) please telephone us on 01603 766016/07474 318837/07814 735970.


Please help yourself to the books that you see.  Some are clearly marked ‘Reference’ and we would be grateful if you would leave them here for other guests to enjoy.  Unmarked books you are welcome to take with you.  We have a collection pot for Mundesley Inshore Lifeboat Rescue if you would like to make a donation.  You will see them training every Sunday morning – rain or shine.

Buckets and spades

In the shed in the garden.  Help yourself but please replace anything that is lost or damaged – or just add to the collection.


Spare bulbs are kept in the cupboard under the sink, or in the plastic unit next to the fridge.


Candles and tea lights may only be used in The Lookout.  Please ensure they are properly extinguished before you go to bed.   


There are vacuum cleaners in the Annex and under the stairs.  Cleaning materials can be found in in the plastic drawer next to fridge.  A broom and dustpan and brush are kept near the airing cupboard.  A mop and bucket can be found in the Utility Room.

Cot, high chair, bed guard, mat, potty, toilet trainer and step

The cot can be found under the bed in the Main Bedroom. The rest can be found in the Utility room.  Please use all these items at your own risk. When you have finished please clean them for the next little person; and return them where found.


Although we will check this before you arrive, if you become aware of any damages during your stay, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can replace the item or organise a repair.  Call us on 01603 766016/07474 318837/07814 735970. There is spare glasses and crockery in the Utility Room.  There is an honesty pot for replacements.  The guide prices are on the noticeboard in the kitchen.

Doctor, Minor Injuries Unit, A&E


We have lots of little children coming to visit us; they love to sit in the garden and play with the pebbles.  To keep them safe, please toilet your dog on the beach or on the front drive.  Dog poo carries a risk of passing on toxocariasis, which is particularly dangerous to young children between 2 and 7 years.  Please help us to keep them safe and our garden clean. 

Dogs are allowed off the lead, on any part of the beach between 1st October and 30th April.  Between 1st May and 30th September, keep them on a lead on the promenade and walk in either direction for a few minutes, and you’ll find miles and miles of off-lead fun. 

Dogs are welcome in a lot of Mundesley pubs/restaurants.  They must be on a lead and well behaved. 

  • Front bar of The Ship pub, The Royal Hotel
  • Beach Café (on the Beach)
  • Plus more … Mundesley seems to love dogs!

For poorly doggies, the nearest vets can be found below:

·      Westover Vets, North Walsham.  Website:

·      Miramar Vets, Cromer. Website:

Please remember: we allow one dog to stay at no cost because we have agreed with the dog owner that they thoroughly clean up after their, to an excellent standard.  The standard is that our housekeeper arrives never knowing a dog had been there (no dog hair, no poops, no muddy marks, no smells!) 

Eating out/pubs

There are two fish and chip shops in the village – The Village Chippy, next to SPAR; and The Catch, next to The Ship pub.  Sage, the Chinese/Thai takeaway is excellent.  You can find it by walking up the hill, past the SPAR on your left; it’s a bit further up on the right hand side.  The Beach Café (Lucy’s) is open in the summer season and also serves Fish and Chips. There is also Porthole in the Village, serving cakes, coffees and cocktails.  The Royal pub does a good Carvery on Sundays and The Ship serves excellent food and has a great view from the garden.  If you have any other suggestions, please include them in the Visitor’s Book. 

Efflorescence on the walls

Beach Cottage suffers from efflorescence.  This is the migration of minerals and salts from the ground/outside, which results in paint/plaster being pushed out of our walls.  Although unsightly, efflorescence is not harmful to people.  It gets worse if there is moisture in the house, so we’ve done everything we can to reduce condensation and allow the house to breathe.  We’ve repointed all the external flint walls with lime mortar; removed all the carpets and taken the walls back to plaster; ensured the external walls are as clear from furniture as they can be; installed a Drimaster above the stairwell and extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We are currently removing the render from the external walls.  It’s a big job!  Please accept our apologies – we are doing everything we can to sort this. 


We have provided non-slip mats and two hand holds for use in the Beach Hut shower/Family bathroom.  The hand holds are kept in the Utility room to the side of the house.  If they are not there, try looking in the drawer in the Beach Hut Annex.  Please use at your own risk; and minimise that risk by ensuring you fit them correctly. 

Emergencies/Risk Assessment

See ‘BE SAFE’ section in this file


Beach Cottage uses more than double the energy than the ‘average user’ (see Energy).  Please help us to conserve energy by:

Using the heating and hot water on ‘timed’ setting – please adjust as necessary.

Turning down the thermostat in the dining room, if you are too warm.   

Turn the radiator in the kitchen down if you get too hot in there – the temperature in the rest of the house can then be maintained.

Keeping doors and windows closed if the heating is on.

Thank you!

First Aid

A kit is kept in the cupboard under the sink.   Please replace anything you use.  Please see ‘Doctors’ above you if you need to seek further medical attention.


There is a small freezer section to the larder fridge in the kitchen. PLEASE CLOSE IT PROPERLY BY CLICKING IT SHUT – YOU WILL HEAR A LOUD ‘SNAP’.  There is an extra fridge in The Lookout, for chilling those bottles of white wine and beer.  Please DO NOT USE the fridge in the Lookout for food.


There is a garage on the Trunch Road (go through the village, heading towards Knapton/Trunch and you will see it on your right hand side).   It is called ‘Jenbar’.  Sainsbury’s in North Walsham is the nearest supermarket Petrol Station.

Hair Drier

This can be found in top drawer of the Tallboy in the Master bedroom.  If it’s not there, try one of the bedside tables in the other bedrooms.

Heating and Hot Water

Beach Cottage:

We have set the heating, for your maximum comfort.  Our default settings can be found on the sign on the side of the boiler.  If you want to adjust the temperature of the Cottage, please find the thermostat in the dining room, at the bottom of the stairs.  The radiator in the kitchen has its own thermostatic control, as this room can often get hotter than the rest of the house.  If it gets too hot or cold in the kitchen, please adjust the radiator thermostat only.


There is an immersion heater in the airing cupboard in the kitchen, for all hot water.  This is set at 60 degC.  As we don’t have a combi boiler (which produces hot water on demand), it is not possible to have multiple baths without first waiting for the tank to reheat the water.   There is always hot water in both showers (in Cottage and Hut) as these are electric.


Beach Hut:

There is underfloor heating in the Beach Hut.  We have programmed this to switch on and off, for your maximum comfort.  If you want to override this, please see the instructions below the control panel in the bedroom.


There is no underfloor heating in the ensuite bathroom.  There is a heated towel rail, which will be switched on in the Autumn, Winter and Spring.  It is programmed to turn off when the room temperature reaches 20c.  If you would like to switch it on in the Summer months – press the top left button (red circle) and the display will show (on the bottom line) SYSTEM: (full sun symbol). 

Hot water bottles

There are hot water bottles in each of the bedrooms – you’ll find them in the drawers/cupboards.  Please use them with care, ensuring the cap is tightly secured.  Return them after use. 


An iron and ironing board can be found in the Utility Room.    

The Lookout

This is a great spot, protected from the elements but still allowing you to enjoy the sea views.  There is a wood burning stove for you to use, but you will need to provide your own wood and kindling.  Please be careful of the wood stove – it gets extremely hot. 


There is an electric light in the Lookout.  It will need to be plugged in.  The sockets are above the fridge.  The switch to this light is on the beam above your head as you walk in.  The fairy lights can also be plugged into the sockets above the fridge. 


The ‘balcony’ area is to be used at your own risk and please ensure that all pets/children are supervised.   Please dispose of cigarette ends responsibly and leave the Lookout as you found it (swept and cleared). 


Please keep the Lookout (and the cliff in front of the Lookout) clear of food, to avoid attracting rats.  


The bottom oven is fan assisted so temperatures can be reduced to accommodate this extra efficiency.  We have provided Resuable heavy duty Teflon Oven Protectors in the bottom of the oven and grill.  If you have any spillages, allow the oven to cool before removing the protector.  Clean in warm, soapy water and return back to oven/grill. 


Please use the extractor fan when you are cooking, so we can minimise the build-up of condensation.


Passing it on

If you know of any friends who would enjoy staying here, please let them know about us by ‘checking in’ at Beach Cottage or ‘tagging’ us on Facebook.


If the power goes off, check the Consumer Unit in the entrance hall (by the Front Door).  This automatically trips if something has fused.  If it continues to trip, please let us know.  There is an emergency torch on the boiler.  Please return it back there when you’ve finished using it.


If you have any problems at all, please call us first on 01603 766016/07474 318837/07814 735970.

Rubbish and Recycling


Large bags for the metal bin in the kitchen can be found on a roll in the Utility room.  If they are gone, look in the plastic drawers near the fridge.  Bagged up rubbish should be put in the black wheelie bin outside.  Please ensure no bags are left on the ground as this can attract rats.  Collections are weekly, every Tuesday. 


Please recycle!

Loose recyclables should be put in the green wheelie bin (no bags please).  It takes:

·        glass

·        plastic

·        paper/cardboard

·        newspapers/magazines/books

·        cans/food tins (please wash first)

·        empty aerosols

There is a sticker on the board, reminding you of what can be recycled.  Collection of the recycling bin is fortnightly, every other Monday.


Access to bins

The black rubbish bin is collected on Tuesday (every week) and the recycling bin is collected on Monday (fortnightly).  Council workers will collect the bins from the driveway: please ensure that they are accessible.


We have experienced a number of missed collections in the past, which can become a big problem for guests who follow on after you.   If you notice that the bin has not been collected, please could you ring us as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternative collection with North Norfolk District Council.  Our number is 01603 766016/07474 318837/07814 735970.  Thank you.


The Spar and the Post Office in the village sell general groceries.  There are excellent shops in the village, selling good quality fresh food.  The greengrocers, butchers (including deli) and fresh fish van (car park opposite and car park near butchers) are well stocked and well used.  A Tesco Express can be found on the Trimingham Road – go past the SPAR and keep following the road around until you see Tescos on your left.  Be careful, the road is busy and the pavements are narrow.

There is a Sainsbury’s in North Walsham if you need it.  As you leave Swafield and enter the outskirts of North Walsham, you will find yourself on a dual carriageway with an industrial estate on your right. 

·        Turn left at the sign saying ‘Edingthorpe’. 

·        At the T junction, turn right and follow the road past the houses and if you notice, past the back of Sainsburys (delivery area)

·        Curve around to the left and go past the carpark on your lhs.  It may feel like you are going back on yourself. 

·        Take the next left at Sainsbury’s petrol station and you will see the supermarket. 

·        If you want to organise a delivery – our postcode is NR11 8BG.  Get them look for the Black Wooden gate opposite Beach Close.

In Swafield, just before the hump back bridge, you will see Tavern Tasty Meats on the lhs side (as you heading towards North Walsham). They sell delicious frozen pies.

Smoke Alarm

There are smoke alarms in the dining room, the upper hallway and in Beach Hut.  They are tested regularly.    


Please do not smoke in the Cottage or Beach Hut.  Smokers are welcome to use the Lookout.  Please dispose of cigarette ends responsibly.

Things to do

Please check this website, there are loads of lovely things to do in Mundesley and further afield.     If you enjoy something, please use our visitor’s book to tell others.

Toilet rolls

We provide the first roll in each loo.  You need to provide any additional rolls.

Toys and Games

There are some toys and games under the bunk beds, which you are welcome to use; and some children’s books in the middle bedroom.  Please return all toys here when you are finished.  Please replace everything as you find them. 



To turn on the Smart TV

  • Press the red button at the top left of the ‘Samsung’ remote.
  • If it doesn’t work, press SOURCE (black button below two red ones).  Use arrows and move to TV.
  • If that doesn’t work, check all the plugs (under the shelf, on the right side of the TV) are plugged in and turned on.
  • If that doesn’t work, check the brown aerial wire (circular end) is plugged into the rhs of the TV (circular hole).  Check the other end is plugged into the booster, under the shelf of the telly (white box with red light on).  Then check the other aerial wire leaving the white booster box is plugged into the aerial socket beside the three pin plugs (under shelf).   
  • If you still don’t get a signal, there may have been (or be) problems that are a result of transmission from the Tacolnesten transmitter.  Try retuning the TV, so that it can find the channels again:
    • MENU
    • ‘Down Arrow’
    • ‘Right Arrow’
    • Auto Tuning
  • If you still have trouble, you might want to check whether the locals are experiencing problems.    Being on the edge of the UK does affect reception sometimes.  It will come back!

To turn on the DVD

  • Turn on the DVD (button on lhs) or use the Panasonic remote (green button on rhs).
  • Put in DVD and wait while it is LOADING
  • Turn on the TV
  • If there is no picture, use the Samsung TV remove and press SOURCE (top button under the two red buttons).  Use arrows to move to EXT
  • We have DVDs for you to use – please return them after use.


To use the PS2

  • Put the PS2 scart leads into the back of the telly (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PUT BACK THE TV/DVD HDMI LEADS WHEN YOU’VE FINISHED)
  • Turn on the TV and press the SOURCE button until the PS2 picture appears.

Vacating Times

Friday and Monday changeovers: Arrive 4pm, Depart 11am.  Please ensure you leave promptly; our housekeeper and maintenance man will arrive at 11am and will start working so that they can prepare the house for the next guests.   

Visitor’s Book

It would be great to know how your holiday has been and what you think of Beach Cottage.  Other guests are always pleased to know about places to go/recommendations.  We have provided a visitors book for this purpose. 


If you have any suggestions/ complaints, please use the form provided (loose leaf in the visitor’s book).  It is in our interest to respond to the needs of our visitors and all comments will be looked at seriously.   If there is a concern that feels more urgent, please contact us directly.   

Washing Machine

Please supply your own detergent.  There is a rotary washing line to use in the garden.  Pegs can be found in the utility room.  Please return them where found.  If it is raining you can use the drying racks in the Utility Room, as it gets quite warm in there.  Instructions about how to use the washing machine can be found in the booklet on the shelves in the Utility Room.

What to do when you leave

Our terms and conditions state that: ‘You are responsible for the property and are expected to take all reasonable care of it. All furnishings and fittings inside and outside the property must be kept in a comparable state of repair and condition as at the beginning of the holiday. All equipment, utensils, etc. must be left clean and the overall property cleanliness (including the Lookout and Garden) must be left in the same state as you found it.   Minor damage or breakages will not normally be charged but we do reserve the right to charge bad tenants for extra cleaning, breakage or damage and the owner may, at their discretion refuse future bookings.’


Guests often ask us what our terms and conditions mean in practice, particularly the term ‘reasonable state’. To ensure that Beach Cottage is ready for our next guests, in time, we would be most grateful if you would do the following – please:

  • Vacate by 11am, at the latest.  Our staff will come in at 11am to start getting Beach Cottage ready for our next guests.
  • Leave the kitchen, oven, grill, fridge and microwave as you found it – clean and tidy. 
  • Switch the dishwasher on (if it’s full)
  • Please put all your rubbish and recycling in the bins outside.
  • If you’ve used the cot/highchair, please clean them ready for our next guests.
  • If you’ve used the barbeque and/or wood burning stove, please clean them ready for our next guests.
  • Turn off the Lookout fridge and leave the door ajar.
  • Use our Comments/Suggestions slip to highlight anything that you feel would make Beach Cottage a more enjoyable place for you to stay in the future. 
  • Close the window, lock the doors and lock the front door using the key from the key safe.

·         Dog owners: your dog has come for free on the understanding that, after you’ve left, no one would know a dog had been there.  This means no dog hair, no poops, no muddy marks! 


In the unlikely event that extra cleaning is required, please note that this will be charged at £12 per hour and will be deducted from the Damage Bond, after consultation with you.   


The code for the wifi can be found on the back of the Router, which is on the window sill in the dining room.  We are ‘Kidsafe’.  


Thank YOU for booking your holiday at Beach Cottage.  We feel privileged that you have chosen our Cottage to spend time with your family and friends.  We hope you have enjoyed the fabulous location; that you leave rested and relaxed; and that you have a safe journey home.


We look forward to welcoming you (and/or your family and friends) to Beach Cottage again, some time in the future. 

Best wishes

Andrea and Stewart Rippon